TATTOO METHODS - We use two different methods of cosmetic tattooing.

Method 1 – Microblading is used for hair stroke This technique is done by hand with a small disposable tool which has tiny needles in a row, the skin is lightly scratched into hair strokes and pigment is pushed into the strokes to make them darker, this is the most natural technique to get the best natural looking brows, and that is why I use microblading. This method does not last as long as block colour brows and is never completely even until after your perfecting touch up session at 4 weeks.

Method 2 – Digital Tattoo Machine is used for ‘Powder/Block’ brows, eyeliner and lip tattoo’s. Most people are familiar with this as it is where you feel the buzzing and vibration of a tattoo machine. TREATMENT Initial treatment takes about 2-3 hours. A perfecting touch up session takes about 1-1.5 hours.

Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the room due to WHS law.

PLEASE NOTE – We do not allow Children, friends or family in the room during your treatment as this may cause distractions for our technician. If you need to bring your child please make sure you have someone who is able to look after them outside of the consultation room.

BOOKING FEE DEPOSIT (Booking fees are accepted via debit or credit card) An amount of $100-$200 deposit is required to secure your appointment for cosmetic tattoo and $20-$50 for all other treatments. This amount is non-refundable if you cancel your appointment within 48 hours prior to your appointment time.

Please be aware that Katie’s schedule is very busy, if for some reason you cannot attend your appointment, we cannot book you in on another day, we unfortunately need to put you on our waiting list, clients who are needing their perfecting sessions for cosmetic tattoo or 2-8 week return appointments for other cyclical treatments will get priority.

DRUG INTERACTIONS FOR COSMETIC TATTOO: If you are using ROACCUTANE, RETIN-A or photo sensitising antibiotics e.g.: Doxy Cycline and high doses of anti-inflammatory medicine or topical medical creams you cannot be treated until 6 months after you have ceased usage of these drugs. Some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs interact with the tattooing adversely. Please inform the staff at Katie Kala BEFORE your treatment date as you may need to be cancelled.

INITIAL APPOINTMENT PRICE: (Prices are subject to change at any time) Please view prices from our website. Prices are per website/booking system. All new COSMETIC TATTOO clients are treated as a NEW tattoo even if you have old tattoo done by another technician.

TOPICAL CREAMS FOR COSMETIC TATTOO: Numbing Creams If you have booked an appointment you will need to buy a small tube of Emla or LMX. The cost of these creams is about $19 and can be purchased from a Chemist. Aftercare Creams - We provide Tattoo Aftercare creams complimentary. These creams are applied to the tattooed area after your treatment.


APPOINTMENT PREPARATION FOR COSMETIC TATTOO AND TINTING: Do not wear white or light-coloured clothing. Wash your hair the night before or morning of your appointment as you will not be able to wet your brows for 5 days following your treatment. One hour before your tattoo appointment you should apply nearly all of the tube of Emla cream to your brows and then cover it with cling wrap or apply the barrier patches available from the chemist. Follow the instructions carefully. The cling wrap stops the cream from drying out and is more effective than the patch. Arrive at your appointment with the glad wrap or patch on. Most people fold the glad wrap into a long strip and clip it to either side of your hair line to keep it on your eyes. If the numbing cream is not applied correctly it won’t work. You do not have to use any numbing cream, however if it is not used the beginning of the treatment can be painful. I use a numbing solution during the treatment which numbs the skin well.

PERFECTING SESSION FOR COSMETIC TATTOO: A touch up is required to ensure your tattoo is as accurate as can be. Up to 4-8 weeks after initial appointment, this is complimentary for all new clients. At times, a third perfecting session maybe required, this will not be covered by the initial investment paid for your cosmetic tattoo. Everyone’s skin takes tattoo pigment differently, because of this many people need touch ups at different stages especially for hair stroke brows as the tattoo does not last as long as a block colour tattoo. Refer to our website for current treatment prices based on timeframe since last procedure.

  • All touch up clients who did not originally have their tattoo done at Katie Kala will be charged the price of a new tattoo procedure unless discussed otherwise. For the reasons above relating to perfecting sessions, plus the need to adjust cosmetic tattoo shape, symmetry, colour and the time, product and tools required to do so.


MAINTENANCE SESSION: After initial touch up. Refer to our website for current treatment prices.


PAYMENTS: Credit and EFTPOS facilities are available for your convenience. Note – I do not offer discounts as my prices are already discounted compared to most other high end cosmetic tattooists.


VOUCHERS: Vouchers are available to purchase.


ARRIVING ON TIME: Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill in consent and client history forms. If you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment, you may not be seen.


CANCELLATIONS: Please be aware that if you do not give us 48 hours’ notice of cancelation or reschedule for any treatment booked with us at Katie Kala, your deposit will be forfeited, you will be required to pay a fee of 50% of the total treatment cost stated in your confirmation text message at your next appointment, you will forfeit any complimentary appointments booked regardless of the treatment type and regardless of the reason for the appointment being complimentary. Should you rebook you will be required to pay the full price of the set complimentary treatment. The only exception to this rule is a medical certificate being provided. These rules may seem firm but are necessary in business. We respect your time and money; therefore, we expect the same in return. Thank you for your understanding.


RIGHT TO REFUSE TREATMENT: We reserve the right to refuse treatment for any reason.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR PREGNANT/ BREASTFEEDING CUSTOMERS: If you are pregnant you will need to provide a medical note from your doctor before you are allowed to be tattooed. Some numbing creams cannot be used during pregnancy and it is important to specify that the numbing ingredients used are Lidocaine 5% and Tetracaine 5%, Epinephrine 0.5%. If you are breastfeeding, you need to be able to pump and dump two feeds straight after the treatment due to anaesthetics in the milk.

*If you suffer from any nervous or anxiety disorders including neurotic tendencies please consider carefully if our treatments are approriate for you. The cosmetic tattoo process takes a good 6 weeks to be completed and can be an anxious wait as the treatment is not perfected until after healing of the touch-up.


There are before and after photos and testimonials from customers on my Facebook page at KatieKala & Instagram at Katie_Kala.

Feel free to email me at or telephone me if you have any questions. Our phone number is 0451 857 955.